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1.How long is a RAMU POSTNATAL RITUAL cycle?

Our postpartum care rituals are divided into ten days/fourteen days/twenty days to ensure that you receive optimal benefits during the care process. We also offer 5-day and 7-day Express packages to provide our clients with more flexibility in terms of timing and results.

2.How can I make a reservation?

The best and quick booking is that email hello@momhomecare.com.au with some key infos like your due date/suburb/prefer Days etc.

For an initial appointment to ensure that the care practitioner's schedule can be reserved for you. The official start date of the care will be decided after your delivery. We will take into consideration your postpartum recovery condition and stage to determine the exact care period. It is recommended to make the reservation before delivery to block the care practitioner's schedule. Some moms may call us after delivery to arrange for postpartum belly binding, but often our schedule is already full. The best time to make a reservation is in the late pregnancy stage, around the 7th to 9th month, as this allows for more flexibility to adjust according to your actual delivery date.

3.When does the postpartum care start for a natural delivery?

If you have had a natural delivery, you can start the postpartum care one week after delivery. The first week after giving birth is a critical period for emotional bonding with your baby (skin bonding). We encourage every mom to breastfeed and spend as much time as possible skin-to-skin with the baby. Please try to limit visits from relatives and friends during this time and focus on bonding with your baby. After a rest and recovery period of 7 days, you can contact us to begin the postpartum care.

4.When does the postpartum care start for a cesarean section?

We recommend moms who had a cesarean section to start the postpartum care around 2-3 weeks after delivery. Starting the uterine realignment massage within 4 weeks after delivery will yield better results.

5.What should I prepare before the care session?

Please prepare two large towels, one small towel, and choose a comfortable room with a temperature set to a suitable 26 degrees Celsius before the care practitioner's arrival.

6.How do I pay the deposit?

Once the reservation is confirmed, you need to pay a $500AUD deposit. The remaining balance will be settled after the start of the care. We accept bank transfers, credit card payments, Alipay, and WeChat Pay.

7.When should I avoid receiving the treatment?

If you have a fever, flu, or symptoms of high blood pressure, you should avoid receiving the postpartum care.

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